womanly coaching

Womanly coaching is designed for women.

It is a combination of traditional coaching with working with the body, sound, sleep and dream, relaxation and meditation. During womanly coaching sessions, we do not only stay in the domain of intellect and the left-brain hemisphere, although this is naturally included, but we use our entire womanly potential.
We make use of movement, sound, intuition – internal womanly wisdom, and also various forms of creative expression, such as painting and intuitive dance.

How can you benefit from coaching?

Coaching helps you to directly get in touch with your deep-seated dreams, desires, and talents.
It enables you to find or make sense of your own actions. It helps you to feel fulfillment in building your life and career based on authentic, creative passion, and to feel confident in pursuing your aims.
It pulls you out of old, undesirable patterns, and awaken you to life and being. It will develop your ability for deep relaxation, coping with stress, and stimulate your natural expression.

As a result, coaching sessions enable you to achieve real success for which you will not have to sacrifice your personal life or give up kindness to yourself and others. Our meetings help you to achieve an essential balance between your professional and private life.

Professionally, coaching helps you to create constructive interpersonal relationships. It enables you to build a team which can recognise and benefit from the ambitions and potential of each of its members in striving for short and long-term success. It makes clear the roles of each member of the group, including your own.