voice healing maditation

Workshops and individual sessions based on work with the voice and sound vibration.

All organs of the human body vibrate at different frequencies. Exposing them to sounds at varying pitches harmonizes, soothes, balances, and heals. It enables us to reach our subconscious where many answers to our questions are hidden.

Through sound, and the vibration of sound, we reach our hidden needs, dreams, and abilities.
Some sounds are able to reach our subconscious and the traumas which have been pushed there, helping to heal them and release a fresh circulation of energy around our bodies.

For a long time, scientists from the Far East have successfully used the healing strength of sound. Western science also confirms that the vibration of sound is a great transforming strength, and in combination with intention, has the power to heal.

Allowing music to freely circulate through your body stimulates a powerful healing process. Singing melodies, or even single sounds, allows this process to work. During singing, the body and soul change, they are touched and healed, whether we are aware of this or not at the time.

Personal meetings and voice opening group workshops help to discover your true nature, expand awareness of your own breath, voice and music. They help to deepen the intimate connection with yourself, release stale traumas and connect with your own creativity.
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Information about upcoming workshops can be obtained via email.